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Let’s Celebrate National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day!

In the US, the first Tuesday of every June has been designated as National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day.

We work with many international healthcare recruitment companies across the UK, Ireland and Europe and think it’s high time they too got the recognition they deserve for some of the magnificent work they do.

We know how tirelessly they work to bring doctors, nurses and many other healthcare professionals to the UK in particular, where there are so many staff shortages making it increasingly challenging for NHS hospitals, GP surgeries and care homes to do the vital work we all expect of them. 10,000 doctors, 5,000 GPs and 40,000 nurses – and counting.


Recruitment may not have the best reputation, but we see how the companies we work with lobby government bodies, invest in doctor and nurse education, and build complex supply chains around the world to keep recruitment pipelines open and running so people get the care they need.

So, we’d like to extend our gratitude to all those we work with – many ex-doctors and nurse themselves – and wish them continuing success for many years to come.

A massive high five to all our partners:

CPL Healthcare, Medacs Healthcare, Templars Medical, DRC Locums, Head Medical, ID Medical, King’s Commercial, HCL Healthcare, Vitae Professionals, ICS Healthcare inc Pulse and A&E, WE Solutions, Kate Cowhig Recruitment, Athona Recruitment, Fresh Start Group and RMO International.