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Mastering Communication in Social Care now CPD-accredited

We’re delighted to announce that Mastering Communication in Social Care, SLC’s new course for overseas workers in social care is now accredited by the CPD Standards Office. The course has been inspected and found to meet the quality standards required for an impactful learning experience.

Mastering Communication in Social Care gives overseas care workers a set of work-specific English language skills that will enable them to communicate effectively with service users across a range of social care settings, including care homes, nursing homes, supported living and domiciliary care.

Mastering Communication in Social Care

It teaches them to communicate confidently and effectively in a wide variety of scenarios at work – introductions to talking about food and drink, personal care, mobility, pain, pressure area care, falls and mental health.

In doing so, the course teaches learners transferable communication skills, including how to ask a range of questions, gather and give information, make suggestions, requests and offers, give advice, instructions and directions, explain and reassure, and use appropriate language.

Mastering Communication for Social Care

“106,000 visas were issued to social care workers last year. Workers are coming to the UK from around the world to provide critical support to a sector with huge staff shortages and start a new life here. This course is designed to help them manage what can be very challenging conversations with service users. We think it fulfils an important need and are really pleased to have had it inspected and accredited by the CPD Standards Office.”

Chris Moore, Managing Director, SLC.

Mastering Communication in Social Care joins SLC’s other CPD-accredited courses in English language and communication skills for healthcare, including profession-specific courses for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and radiographers, cross-sector courses in medical terminology and grammar, medical academic courses for students and researchers, and test preparation courses in the OET English for Healthcare exam.

Mastering Communication in Social Care can be taken as a standalone online course or combined with tuition with an expert teacher.

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Review the course

If you would like to review Mastering Communication in Social Care for your overseas staff, or discuss a potential partnership, please get in touch with Peter Rodway on peter@specialistlanguagecourses.com.