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Medical English Courses for Healthcare Professionals

SLC’s ground-breaking online Medical English courses gives you the language you need to work, study and collaborate in an English-speaking environment.

Medical Students

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, carer, pharmacist or researcher, we have a course for you.

Courses are written by both medical professionals and English language experts.

They are up-to-date and highly engaging, using multi-media inputs and activities. All courses are CPD and NOCN-accredited and have been used by thousands of people around the world.

All the courses cover key areas of practice. They are filled with patient interactions, medical terminology, technical vocabulary, grammar tips and practical everyday language used in healthcare settings.

Our courses

English for Doctors Course

English for Doctors

Advanced Communication Skills

English for Nurses Course

English for Nurses

Getting the Essentials Right

English for Care Course

English for Care

Delivering Outstanding Care

English for Pharmacy Course

English for Pharmacy

An Introduction

English for Radiography Course

English for Radiography

Online English Language Course

English for Pandemics Course

English for Pandemics

Online English Language Course

English for Medical Academic Purposes Course

English for Medical Academic Purposes

Online English Language Course

Essential Grammar for Healthcare Course

Essential Grammar for Healthcare

Online English Language Course

Advanced Grammar for Healthcare Course

Advanced Grammar for Healthcare

Online English Language Course

Online Clinical Communication Course

Online Clinical Communication

Online English Language Course

Medical Terminology Course

Medical Terminology Course

Online English Language Course

person writing on their notebook

Writing for Publication

Online English Language Course

How do the courses work?

The courses include animated videos, plenty of audio, authentic documents, text and vocabulary work, and are very visual throughout. The activities are highly interactive, so you are always doing things on the screen, from dragging words into sentences, to categorising ideas, highlighting answers, choosing options, matching images, and writing in correct phrases.

How do I start?

Throughout the courses, you learn essential specialist healthcare English so you can work, study and communicate with confidence. Courses are all accredited by the CPD Standards Office in the UK, whose professional qualifications are recognised worldwide.

Select your course to get full details, make a booking, and start your language learning journey with SLC.

Medical English Courses
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