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Medical Ethics – 30 Minute Worksheet

Medical Ethics

This B2-C1 reading and vocabulary worksheet practises reading for detail and reviews language related to medical ethics using Quizlet flashcards and activities.

A. Click the link and read the abstract. Then choose the correct answer for each question.

1. In cases of medical futility, physicians may decide to stop certain treatments

A. because patients request them to do so.
B. because patients’ relatives insist they continue.
C. because it is not in the best interests of the patient.

2. In some cases, physicians discontinue treatment

A. before looking at evidence about its benefit to the patient.
B. after developing an opinion that it might be pointless.
C. after reading an overview of its advantages.

3. In paragraph 2, the words no unanimity means

A. the statistics are not the same.
B. doctors do not share the same opinion.
C. the level of futility is anonymous.

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