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Acne – 30 Minute Worksheet

Teenage girl with acne problem

This B1-B2 vocabulary worksheet reviews language related to acne using Quizlet flashcards and activities.

1. Go the Quizlet flashcards and do the activities.

2. Complete the summary using words from the Quizlet flashcards.

When oil and dead skin clog the pores of the skin, (1) _______________ can develop. The term for a single blocked hair follicle which looks like a bump on the skin is a (2) _______________ ; the plural form is (3) _______________ . Most people refer to them as (4) _______________ or spots. Small openings in the skin called pores, allow sweat and (5) _______________ (oil) to reach the skin surface. If they are not able to reach the surface of the skin, small, red bumps called (6) _______________ develop near the surface of the skin.

Download the complete lesson:

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