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As a post COVID-19 world is now on the horizon, one of the more pleasant parts of the last 18 months has been looking back at how different communities around the world have come together and risen, collectively, to the challenges brought by coronavirus. The role of healthcare workers has never been so important, and neither has the role of technology in not only connecting us at a time when international travel was off the cards but also in enabling healthcare work to continue as efficiently as possible.

With things in much better shape then they have been, but with healthcare providers still recovering from the lasting impacts of COVID-19, at Migrate it’s our continued mission to use technology to improve the global recruitment process by breaking down the barriers of international employment, directly connecting great people – such as yourself – with great opportunities.

One of the many ways we can support you is by offering IELTS and OET lessons, plus English Language competency tests through our exciting partnership with Specialist Language Courses (SLC). Our partnership means that top-level English language education is available to you so that you’re able to fulfil the academic and logistical processes of relocating to the UK. From IELTS and OET preparation courses to medical English materials for overseas doctors and nurses, SLC enables us to offer an unparalleled range of exams, which will help you on your journey to finding work here in the UK.  

At Migrate, we’re working hard to develop our new app so we can continue to support you in these challenging times, throughout your job search and relocation journey. From our exciting job opportunities and partnerships with top language education provider SLC, to our thriving community space and our resource centre including CV writing support, at Migrate we’re here for you, every step of the way. Another future function will include the expansion of our clinical education offering, plus much more.

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Originally written by Migrate.