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New Course! English for Nursing Foundation

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new specialist English language course for nurses with an elementary or lower-intermediate level of English.

English for Nurses Foundation covers a wide range of common areas in nursing. The 10-unit course includes the language and communication skills used in patient admission, personal care, eating and drinking, mobility, pressure area care, treating pain, elderly care, falls and injuries, infection control, and mental health.

English for Nursing Foundation

The units include sections on communicating with patients and colleagues, medical terminology, describing symptoms, treatments and care, and hospital-specific language, documents and forms.

The course is image- and media-rich, with animated videos, audio with a range of accents, voice recording and playback, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation sections, and a wide range of interactive tasks.

English for Nurses Foundation provides learners with a strong foundation in nursing-specific English and communication. It is ideal for both nursing students and professional nurses who want to use English at work. It is also an excellent foundation for further study, including SLC’s 100-hour English for Nurses course set at an intermediate and upper-intermediate level.

English for Nursing Foundation

The course is designed to be used by teachers at nursing colleges and English language institutes. The learning platform allows organisations to have their own branded area where teachers and students access the course. Student work is tracked in detail, and teachers can set assignments, add their own content, leave feedback and organise learners into groups.

The course is optimised for all devices and SLC provide both initial and ongoing support and guidance to make sure teachers and learners get the most from the course.

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