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New introductory course in Medical Humanities for English teachers

Medical English teachers – would you like to expand your knowledge base, and engage your students deeply?

SLC, in partnership with EALTHY, have launched our new online introductory course in Medical Humanities.

Medical Humanities is a fascinating area of study. It looks at health and healthcare within the context of being human.

It brings together the arts, humanities, and social science, and helps broaden learners’ field of focus.

In our Introduction to Medical Humanities, you’ll get a thorough grounding in the topic, with practical ideas for applying it to your English classes.

You’ll then write a lesson plan for your students, using some of the content you’ve learned.Medical Humanities Course

It’s ideal if you’re an English teacher keen on professional development, and have a broad interest in literature, ethics, or history. Yet you might never have thought about how to apply these to teaching Medical English.

To engage learners, it’s often necessary to look beyond the narrow focus of exam-passing or grammar / vocabulary learning. For example, imagine a class eagerly discussing medical bias around disability.

It can be hard to get learners using English naturally, while staying within a relevant topic and language area. This might be the solution you need.

Medical Humanities also gives your students new insight into aspects of life.

They learn how humans different to themselves experience health and illness.

It produces healthcare professionals who are more informed, more well-rounded, and therefore better at their jobs.

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This multimedia course has been written by the founder of EALTHY, Catherine Richards.

It contains 10 hours of self-study, including expert-led content, a strong practical focus, and plenty of useful resources.

You’ll learn how to use topics such as ambiguity intolerance, biases in healthcare, and poetry.

You can study at your own pace, or use it as part of a wider team development programme.

You can share assignments between colleagues, or receive expert advice and feedback from an EALTHY expert.

EALTHY is the leading association for teachers of Medical English.

SLC are the experts in Medical English teacher training. Together, we’ve got you covered.