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New module on Presentations for English for Medical Academic Purposes course

We’re delighted to announce that a new module on Giving Presentations has been added to SLC’s unique online English for Medical Academic Purposes (EMAP) course.

EMAP is used by medical universities to support students and staff in developing the language skills they need to study and research in English.

The module teaches the skills and language needed to create effective presentations in English. Students learn how to identity and develop key points, how to structure an effective presentation and how to create impactful slides.

They then learn how to deliver a presentation using the right intonation, so they can stand in front of an audience and deliver with confidence at conferences and seminars.


The module is an excellent complement to the existing EMAP topics on academic writing skills and strategies, writing abstracts and articles, listening to lectures and understanding research.

Presentations has been added to EMAP at no extra charge. If you or your students are currently taking an EMAP course, you will see it appear on your dashboard.

If you are interested in reviewing the EMAP course for you or your students – get in touch. We provide support for teachers and university language departments, including free training from SLC’s Academic team.


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