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NHS Staff Nationality Breakdown

Infographic detailing the breakdown of nationalities working within the NHS in the UK. This highlights the current reliance on foreign nationals and indicates a skill gap with regards to Medical English proficiency.

The NHS is a fantastic melting pot. Over 200 nationalities! We’re proud to be supporting so many doctors, nurses and HCAs  coming to work in the many hospitals around the UK. With insufficient numbers of UK-trained medical professionals entering the NHS, healthcare organisations and recruitment companies are active around the world bringing consultants, junior doctors, nurses, midwives and Allied Health Professionals to the UK.

At SLC, we see the amazing difference that international staff make to the quality and availability of a 24-hour healthcare service. We also understand that while they have excellent clinical skills, there are language challenges to  overcome when relocating to the UK. Our Medical English courses are designed to give doctors, nurses and HCAs the English they need to practice safely and effectively at work – when talking to patients, their families and other healthcare professionals at work.

So far,we have supported the English needs of international medical staff from many countries, including Italy, Spain, Romania, Greece, Croatia, the Philippines, India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Poland, the UAE, Portugal and Switzerland among others.

If you would like more information on our Medical English courses or our new range of IELTS Preparation courses for healthcare professionals, please get in touch at any time.

Download the graphic here: NHS_staff_graphic by nationality.