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NMC changes for overseas nurses in 2023: what’s happening, when

The NMC are making changes to their English language requirements for overseas nurses. Here’s a summary of what’s happening, and when.


From Who the changes affect What will happen
27th January 2023

Nurses who have already applied to the NMC, and:

  • Have trained in English, in a country which is NOT majority-English speaking
  • Have supporting information from employers.
The NMC will contact you directly to tell you how to progress your application.
7th February 2023

Nurses who have taken IELTS or OET, and only narrowly failed to make the right grades.

You will now have 12 months (instead of 6) to retake your test and combine your scores.
7th February 2023

Nurses who are new to applying to the NMC, and meet the same criteria as those for the 27th January.

The NMC will start accepting supporting information from your employers.
Later in 2023

Nurses who have narrowly failed IELTS or OET (by half a grade), AND:

  • have supporting information from employers.

The NMC will allow you to apply to them, if you have supporting information from your employers.


You will be able to apply online. Your employers will be able to provide the supporting information online as well, via NMC Online.


For more information, go to the NMC’s website. It will give you all the details you need.


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