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OET 2020 Results – 75% Pass Rate

We’ve analysed the results we have received from overseas nurses and doctors sitting OET during 2020 following a period of training from SLC. 

Of these candidates, some were in online tutored groups sponsored by the NHS Trust employing them, some received individual tuition via the International GP Recruitment programme, while others funded themselves.

We have confirmed scores from 56 candidates and are delighted to report that 42 of them achieved the scores required by the NMC or GMC. Almost all of them did so in their first sitting. This represents a pass rate of 75%.

“This is a strong set of results and clearly reflects the excellent work put in by the candidates and their teachers. Our programmes are really benefitting from our ever-deepening experience of training a wide range of healthcare professionals for OET.”

Bethan Edwards, Academic Director, SLC

Of those who didn’t achieve the required scores, most were very close, only failing in one or two papers. We expect that with targeted follow-up training, most will pass when they sit again. Test centres are currently closed with an anticipated re-opening date of June.

The results are not complete as many of the healthcare professionals taking the test are on the frontline of care in the current crisis and have not had time to send them across. However, when we receive them, we will update and report them.


“I am so happy that I passed my OET. I would send my regards to my Amazing tutor Annie ,who took me step by step towards my dreams. Thank you Alexis as well for wonderful spelling corrections. Thank you SLC for having precious teachers to teach English. Finally I achieved my English score with your help.”

Fahimeh Navidanfar

OET Medicine

“I found the lessons really useful for both my speaking and writing part. Annalie has been a really good help for me.”
Marialaura Hinegk

OET Nursing

“As regards to the teaching lessons, I really enjoyed them with Daniel as a teacher. He is a fantastic teacher, knows how to explain things, has loads of patience and the materials were great. So, thank you for all the support provided, it really helped as it can be seen from the results. Thank you, SLC and my teacher Daniel. “
Iuliana Haim

OET Nursing