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OET and SLC partner to deliver new OET Prepare courses

We are delighted to be working in partnership with OET to deliver OET Prepare, the first suite of English learning courses from OET. These comprehensive test preparation courses are designed specifically for learners of varying skill levels preparing for OET Nursing.

OET Prepare courses are affordable and accessible. Each course is online and consists of 60 hours of live online teaching, 100 hours of online study, and lots of targeted assignments and practice.

These ground-breaking courses are set at three levels of English – Skilled, Intermediate and Advanced. They provide you with a clear pathway to developing the language and skills to achieve the scores you need in OET Nursing.

OET Prepare leveles

When you book an OET Prepare course, you are given an OET Pulse test, the online test developed by OET and used by thousands of learners to assess their English. The result places you in the correct level course for you.

By having classes online, our teachers who specialise in OET can give you live lessons wherever you are. And lessons are offered on different days and at different times to help you fit them around your busy life.

1-Jun-13-2023-05-53-17-6514-PMAll materials – including over 100 hours of targeted study and practice at each level – are accessible on both laptops and mobile phones via an app, making them easy to access and download for offline study.

Each course lasts 20 weeks, with two one-and-a-half hour lessons a week, so making sure you have enough time to learn and practice the language and test techniques you need. Classes are small, with a maximum of 20 students, so your individual needs can be effectively addressed.

At the end of the Advanced course, you’ll be ready to sit your test.

We are looking forward to welcoming learners from around the world so we can help them achieve the OET scores they need. Getting high scores in OET not only allows nurses to transform their lives by working and studying in many countries, but also those of their families and the many patients they care for.

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