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Are you an OET test centre?

With Reach OET B, you can offer your candidates the latest in OET self-study to give them the preparation they need to maximise their scores in the OET Nursing and Medicine tests.

What your candidates get with Reach OET B Nursing and Medicine courses

  • A properly structured and sequenced course. Students can see what you’re learning, how it all fits together and what you have achieved at the end.
  • Paper by paper, part by part, question by question analysis. Understand all the OET formats and questions types and how to best answer them.
  • Expert content. Writer Virginia Allum co-authored the Cambridge Guide to OET Nursing, writes test items for the official OET test and is a prolific Medical English author, trainer and conference speaker.
  • Dynamic multi-media learning. The course is highly visual with 35 videos, 45 audio tracks, audio recording and playback, and 100s of different tasks and activities covering language, skills, test techniques and strategies.
  • Test practice. Test questions are integrated into all the units, so candidates get plenty of practice. Includes Parts A, B and C in the Reading and Listening, Speaking role play cards, Writing case notes and model answers.
  • Detailed OET criteria analysis. Candidates understand what to do in the Writing and Speaking tests to get their best score.
  • Accredited and certificated course. Reach OET B Nursing and Medicine are accredited by the CPD Standards Office, whose professional qualifications are recognised worldwide. Students get a formal certificate on completion. This can be co-branded with your test centre.

Test centre platform

  • Customised platform design with branded login and course pages
  • Full reporting on candidate progress and scores
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Very competitive prices

Combine with teaching

Reach OET B provides excellent OET preparation material that can be used by teachers giving one-to-one and group lessons.

Teachers get access to up-to-date material, a clear teaching pathway for students and a cutting edge learning platform where they can divide students into groups, get at-a-glance views on their progress, pull reports, and log in to student courses to check through their answers.

Why SLC?

Thousands of medical professionals take SLC’s courses every year. SLC was the first accredited OET Premium Preparation Provider in Europe and is an OET All Stars provider.


Reach OET B Nursing and Medicine are accredited by the CPD Standards Office on the UK. At the end of the course your candidates receive an official certificate for 50 CPD points. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development.

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