Specialist Language Courses

OET Preparation for Doctors

SLC offers a unique set of OET preparation services designed specifically for doctors.

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OET Preparation for Nurses

OET preparation courses for nurses are flexible, so you can learn around busy working commitments.

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OET Preparation Courses for Universities and Schools

Do you prepare students for the OET test but have trouble finding good materials to support your programmes?

Find out more about how you can use SLC courses for your university or school.

OET Preparation Courses for Test Centres

Are you an OET test centre?

With Reach OET B, you can offer your candidates the latest in OET self-study to give them the preparation they need to maximise their scores in the OET Nursing and Medicine tests.

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OET Preparation Courses for Healthcare Employers

Do you have international nurses or doctors in your organisation who need OET to register and practice? Are you recruiting from overseas and need OET preparation for your candidates as part of the process? 

Contact us to talk through how our online courses can work for your recruiters.