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Online English for Medical Academic Purposes awarded CPD Accreditation

SLC is delighted to announce that Online English for Medical Academic Purposes has been accredited by the CPD Standards Office. Getting CPD-accreditation is an important marker of quality for the online Medical English courses we create. Our courses provide overseas healthcare professionals, students and researchers with the language skills they need to study and work in English, the lingua franca of global healthcare. They are written by experienced specialists, and delivered online, which means they can be accessed anywhere and anytime in the world, making them a perfect fit for those with busy study schedules or shift-work. 

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 Chris Moore, SLC’s Managing Director, stated, “Being awarded CPD accreditation on our courses is a clear indication of the courses’ value, both to individual clients’ professional development and to any organisational purchasers looking to ensure their international students and staff have the right English language skills to engage effectively with medical research and study, as well as attend international conferences and give presentations.”

Online English for Medical Academic Purposes (EMAP) was specifically developed for medical universities and teaching organisations to support students in gaining the language skills they need to study and practice in an international environment.



The course enables medical students to develop the skills and strategies they need to listen effectively to academic talks or read academic texts. They also learn the key features of academic writing, so they are better able to write abstracts, articles and research papers clearly and effectively.

Like all SLC online courses, EMAP is hosted on SLC Campus, a learning management system powered by the award-winning Avallain AG.


If you are university, medical school or college looking for fresh, updateable, multi-media content which can be used as both classroom materials and self-study please contact us for more details.

The course can also be purchased by individual medical students and is available here.