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Second edition of SLC’s online English for Medical Academic Purposes course now live!

SLC is delighted to announce the release of the Second Edition of its unique online English for Medical Academic Purposes course.

The second edition has two new modules, one on Writing Abstracts and one on Writing Research Articles. These are natural follow-on modules to the First Edition units on Academic Writing, Listening and Reading. The latter form the core of the course, focusing on essential language, techniques and strategies to use when writing academic texts, listening to lectures and presentations, and reading academic articles.

The two new modules show learners how to apply these core medical academic language techniques and formats when writing abstracts and research articles. They provide perfect preparation for medical students, lecturers and professionals wanting to engage with the international medical community.

The course contains 50 hours of content, written by expert author and English for Medical Academic Purposes specialist, Patrick Fitzgerald. The course is hosted on SLC Campus, providing the latest in online learning software. All SLC courses offer multi-media inputs and multiple practice activities, available wherever learners have a connection. Courses are tracked and reported on, allowing learners and institutions to see the progress being made.

The course can be taken by both individuals and by universities and colleges wanting to support the English language development of their students and lecturers.

Want to review the course for your students?

SLC gives free logins to universities and colleges who are thinking of providing the English for Medical Academic Purposes course for their students. Contact us on enquiries@specialistlanguagecourses.com to find out more.