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SLC becomes an NOCN International Centre

We are delighted to announce that SLC has been approved as an International Centre by NOCN Group. Our courses, English for Doctors: Advanced Communication Skills and English for Nurses: Getting the Essentials Right, are now endorsed, certificated and quality assured by NOCN.


About the NOCN Group


NOCN Group is a leading UK Awarding Organisation, established in 1987 and registered by Ofqual, the UK government body responsible for standards and quality in qualifications. NOCN Group operates in over 20 different countries, with over 2,000 approved training centres delivering their qualifications and certificates to over 250,000 learners a year.

NOCN Group’s focus is on adult vocational skills development, supporting learners, the communities they live in and the industries they work in by providing high-quality regulated vocational and technical qualifications, approved courses and apprenticeships.

Subjects are wide-ranging, cross multiple sectors and are designed to help learners advance their career prospects and open doors to new work and study opportunities. While initially centred in the UK, NOCN’s reach has become much more international, with a strong presence in India through the NOCN India Skills Foundation, as well as in the Middle East, Europe, China and the ASEAN region.


A perfect match

SLC’s medical English courses are an excellent fit for the NOCN Group awards framework. SLC’s courses provide international healthcare professionals and students with the professional English language and communication skills needed to engage with international healthcare. The courses enable learners to access global  work and study opportunities, network internationally, attend conferences and keep up with research published in English.


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The courses align perfectly with NOCN Group’s desire to provide education that is flexible, high quality, vocationally focused, and responsive to learner needs.

NOCN Group already offer ESOL qualifications and certificate over 40,000 learners a year on these English Language Qualifications, covering CEFR levels A1 through to C2. These are general English in focus and designed to support learners wanting to study, work and migrate in English-speaking countries.

We are therefore delighted that our courses will extend the reach of NOCN English language provision.


Which courses are now NOCN-approved?

NOCN have endorsed, certificated and quality assured the third editions of SLC’s flagship medical English courses, English for Doctors: Advanced Communication Skills and English for Nurses: Getting the Essentials Right. We intend to add our other medical English courses to the NOCN Group portfolio soon.

NOCN accredited courses

These third editions have just been released. They include updated content, including comprehensive end of unit assessments, interactive recording tasks enabling learners to record and listen to themselves in patient interactions, downloadable glossaries, and an integrated teaching platform. The teaching platform enables teachers to monitor student work, check submissions, set and receive assignments, message and videoconference learners.

We are proud of these courses and the consistently excellent feedback we get from students and teachers. In a recent survey of feedback forms taken from the last two years, 98% of the 774 respondents said they would recommend the course to others.




About SLC


SLC is the UK’s leading provider of Medical English training services to the global healthcare sector.

SLC’s online courses and tuition enable medical professionals and students around the world to work, travel, study, research, and communicate with each other in English, the lingua franca of medicine.

SLC creates and publishes accredited and certificated online English courses for students and professionals, including those in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, care and radiography, enabling learners around the world to get outstanding, up-to-date content and resources wherever they may be.

SLC trains nurses and doctors to achieve the scores they need in the Occupational English Test (OET) and IELTS to register in English-speaking countries, including the US, UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia.

SLC’s customers include NHS Trusts and Health Boards in the UK, international medical universities, nursing colleges, private healthcare organisations, international healthcare recruiters and thousands of individuals around the world.