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SLC is gold sponsor at 2024 English for Healthcare conference

SLC is delighted to not only be one of the co-organisers of the 2024 English for Healthcare conference, but also a gold sponsor.

This unique conference brings together the Medical English community from around the world, from lecturers at medical schools to linguistics researchers to materials writers and publishers to OET preparation teachers. This has been our world for the last 10 years, during which time we have developed over 850 hours of online materials, worked with teachers at schools and universities to support their English for Healthcare and OET preparation courses, and tutored professionals in over 75 countries to improve their professional English.

Why English for Healthcare and OET preparation?

We feel this is an area of English language teaching where we can make an significant impact. Learners using the English they acquire have challenging and important conversations with patients, keep up with global medical research and developments, and transform their lives – and the many patients and families they work with – as they work and study in other countries.

English for healthcare works differently to general English, business English or other professional fields of English such as aviation or law. It has unique sets of vocabulary and usage. Grammar is used in different ways to regular conversations. Writing about medicine and research uses specific conventions and approaches.

OET preparation reflects much of this as it assesses the English used by healthcare professionals typically wanting to register and work in an English-speaking country. The levels demanded by regulators are high and the exam tasks are wide-ranging and challenging.

A chance to meet others and learn from them

Given the attendant challenges of teaching English for healthcare and OET preparation courses, we believe that the conference is a brilliant opportunity to meet and learn from others, discuss innovation and best practice, and – of course – talk to old friends and make new ones over good food and coffee.

We’re really looking forward to being part of the event and hope to see lots of fellow practitioners there.

For more information and to register www.englishforhealthcare.com.