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SLC joins the British Safety Council

Specialist Language Courses is delighted to announce our membership of the British Safety Council.

The British Safety Council aims to provide safer environments for people to work. Our mission at SLC is to provide online technical language courses for this to become a reality. The partnership will ensure SLC’s language training aligns with the most recent health and safety legislation, expert advice and the very latest industry thinking.

Chris Moore, SLC’s Managing Director, stated,

“Our courses focus on improving communication among international staff in high-risk environments. We want to help create safe places for people to work in, where operational effectiveness can be maximised and where emergencies can be dealt with predictably and successfully. Being a member of the British Safety Council will make an important contribution to course design.”

SLC’s online Medical English courses for Doctors, Nurses and Carers all focus on enabling overseas professionals to participate in clear, accurate and empathic communications with patients, their families, and other healthcare professionals in English-speaking environments. SLC’s course for the energy sector, ‘Safe and Effective Communication: English for Upstream Oil and Gas Operations’ is designed to ensure non-native English speakers working in Exploration and Production can communicate effectively with colleagues in what may be highly stressful environments at times.

Being a member of the British Safety Council allows us access to the latest news, resources, best practice, and thinking on safety in the workplace. We can attend professional events, keep up with changes in health and safety legislation and speak to a network of experts from a range of sectors. This in turn enables us to write and publish courses that are up-to-date, focused and target those concerns of organisations employing international workers who need those workers to speak accurately and confidently in English at work.

As our courses are online and highly interactive, workers can take them whenever they have time – even just a few minutes while waiting for a bus is enough to cover a bitesize chunk of meaningful input – and wherever they have internet connection. They can also be taken as part of an on-boarding process before arriving at work, so ensuring workers are linguistically ready to communicate effectively in English. Hundreds of nurses coming from Europe to work in UK hospitals and care homes have done exactly this, for example, taking our 100-hour English for Nurses course.

“I appreciated  this course that helped me to improve my English and to meet some real hospital situations. I think that this course is very important for non-English nurses that choose to work in UK.” Isabella, nurse

We will work in partnership with the British Safety Council to ensure SLC’s upcoming online technical English courses are relevant, targeted and results-oriented. Watch this space for news of courses due to be released over the next 18 months.


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