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SLC Managing Director elected to Eaquals Board of Trustees

We’re delighted to announce that Chris Moore, SLC’s Managing Director, has been elected to the Board of Trustees at Eaquals, the world’s leading international language teaching accreditation body.

Eaquals, founded in 1991, is an international association of quality-driven language education organisations and individuals united behind a shared set of principles and values. Each member undergoes a rigorous accreditation scheme before joining a community of like-minded organisations teaching multiple languages in many parts of the world.

SLC already has partnerships with a number of Eaquals members who use SLC’s Medical English, OET and IELTS preparation materials with their students, including International House London, CES Schools, British Study Centres and Wimbledon School of English

Eaquals and members of the association have been instrumental in developing the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR), the standard now used worldwide to describe language competence, as well as a range of tools to aid its implementation in language education curricula. SLC uses the CEFR for all our courses and training programmes.

Eaquals works extensively on every aspect of language education, including teacher training, resource development, academic management, quality assurance, accreditation and inspection schemes. The association works on organisational, national and international levels, advising bodies such as the Council of Europe and ISO.

Chris was first invited to talk at the annual Eaquals conference in 2014 and has been back several times since, presenting and leading workshops on business strategy, sales and marketing for language teaching organisations. He is hoping to use his 30 years of experience in the industry, both academic and commercial, to support the future growth and development of the association.

“Eaquals offers not only an inspiring vision to schools, teachers and learners but also the practical tools to create an international network of quality-driven organisations. I’ve always felt very strongly that learning languages is one of those things that brings people together, that breaks barriers down in a world where there’s a lot of talk about walls and borders. To have the opportunity to contribute to the ground-breaking work Eaquals does on an international scale is a real privilege.” Chris Moore, SLC