Specialist Language Courses

SLC to teach new specialist online English language courses for refugee learners

We’re delighted to be offering a series of specialist integration-focused English language (ESOL) courses to refugees, asylum seekers and migrant learners across the East of England.


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We’ve been working in partnership with the East of England Strategic Migration Partnership (SMP), delivering online IELTS and OET preparation courses to communities across the six counties in the region – Essex, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, and Suffolk. Learners have included refugees from multiple countries and backgrounds, Ukrainian guests and Hong Kong (BNO) visa holders.

Those successfully taking the IELTS and OET tests have been able to access employment and study opportunities previously unavailable to them. It has been deeply rewarding for everyone involved to see the progress made by so many learners on the courses.

We were therefore delighted to have been awarded a contract by the SMP to broaden the work we do as part of the Employability for Overseas Nationals (EON) project. From July 2024, we will be delivering a range of integration-focused courses to support learners across the region in specific aspects their lives in the UK. Courses will be delivered online, so enabling learners from across the six counties to participate.

The courses have been developed by the SMP and include:

  • – Driving theory
  • – Health literacy and how to use the NHS
  • – Understanding the English school system
  • – Financial literacy – budgeting & finance
  • – Know your employment rights

We are also working in partnership with the SMP and the Greater Manchester Law Centre to write a new course on Housing Rights, due to be taught from September.

These courses are short, focused and designed for impact. We’re looking forward to meeting learners and supporting them and their families in their many journeys in the UK.

English language courses for refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants


For more information on the work we do developing the English language and communication skills of refugee, asylum seeker and migrant learners, please contact us: 01273 900213 or enquiries@specialistlanguagecourses.com.

To discuss a new programme, feel free to arrange a meeting with SLC Managing Director Chris Moore here.