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Virtual Symposium on Nature and Medicine

Jonathan McFarland, Medical English teacher extraordinaire and President of The Doctor as Humanist international non-profit organisation, is an old friend of SLC. We’ve met him over the years at conferences, judged Medical English Olympics competitions together, and broken bread in Moscow restaurants.

Health and EarthSo, it was with great pleasure that we spoke to him recently about the upcoming virtual symposium he is running with the Madrid’s University Hospital of La Princesa and the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. The symposium, Restoring the Balance between Earth and Health, addresses the relationship between nature and health, something that is very much at the forefront of many people’s thinking as we deal with both Covid-19 and climate change.

The symposium suggests that as health has become increasingly technological, it has become divorced from nature. The symposium therefore looks at the reframing of health and healthcare narratives ecologically and aims at shedding light on the need for mending our broken relationship with nature.  

The Nature and Medicine Virtual Symposium brings together speakers from the US, Spain, UK, Canada, and Japan among others, all of whom are working at the intersection of nature and medicine, to share their experiences and resources.

Nature and Medicine Virtual Symposium


The Symposium is free to attend.

Details and registration details here: