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What are the different ways of taking OET?

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There are three main ways to take the OET test…

1. On paper at a test centre

There are now hundreds of test centres around the world, many of whom offer the paper version of the OET test. In this version, candidates write their answers down in the Listening, Reading and Writing sub-tests, and hand them in to the test centre.

OET Assessments

These three papers are generally done in the morning of the test day. The Listening takes approximately 45 minutes, the Reading 60 minutes and the Writing 45 minutes.

The Speaking sub-test is conducted at the test centre with an interlocutor who plays the role of a patient or patient relative. This typically takes place at some time in the afternoon and lasts around 20 minutes. The role plays are recorded and sent with the written papers to the OET marking team.

Test candidates receive their timetable with the individual sub-test times from the test centre at least one week before the scheduled test date.

2. On computer at a test centre

Following OET’s recent partnership with global assessment giant, Prometric, candidates can take the OET Medicine and OET Nursing tests on a computer in test centres in many countries.

In this version, candidates take the Listening, Reading and Writing sub-tests on a computer at a test centre. They use headphones for the listening and type their answers on the screen. The answers are then submitted online.

The Speaking sub-test is not taken at the test centre. Instead, candidates take the Speaking test either at home or in another chosen location using Zoom on a computer or tablet. Mobile phones may not be used. Test takers should be in a quiet place where there are no other people or distractions. The interlocutor does an environment and person check before the test takes place. More information is her:

The Speaking sub-test may also take place on a different day. Candidates can view the date, time, and location of their OET test in the ‘My Bookings’ section of their OET account.

The test content is the same as for the paper-based test.

3. At home

Where a test centre is not available in the country where they live, candidates can take their OET test at home or another location where they can be alone and free of distraction. Currently this is only available for the OET Medicine and OET Nursing tests.

A candidate’s computer needs to meet a set of minimum requirements, internet speed must be at least 0.5 Mbps, and wired headphones must be used. A phone or tablet cannot be used. The candidate needs to download and use the ProProctor application for the Listening, Reading and Writing sub-tests and Zoom for the Speaking sub-test.

On the ProProctor app, test takers meet a remote proctor who is responsible for making sure the test is secure and is also on hand to help if the test taker experiences any problems during the test.

Once the security checks have been done, then the exam is taken in the same way as described for the computer-based test. This is also the case with the Speaking sub-test, taken on Zoom with an interlocutor.

Candidates can view the date and time of their sub-tests in the ‘My Bookings’ section of their OET account. For more information on OET@Home, click the button below.

Booking an OET test

To book an OET test, candidates should click the button below

There they will see where any test centres are in their country and choose which type of test to take.

Tests are available on the same dates irrespective of which type is chosen. The content of the test is also the same.

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