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World Health Day 2021

Every year, April 7 is the day that the world dedicates to celebrating World Health Day. This is marked by the World Health Organisation (WHO), whose objective is to raise awareness of the incredible efforts made by healthcare professionals as they care for millions of patients around the world.

COVID-19 has impacted us all and has highlighted the vital role healthcare professionals play in helping us, our families and our communities manage and cope with the ravages of the pandemic

If you were wondering how to contribute to this celebration, you can become a blood donor or volunteer at local charities and organisations. Everyone can make a difference.

How to stay healthy?

Well, it’s essential to remember the fundamentals – get enough physical activity, a good amount of sleep and to eat healthily. And give to others! Contributing to the lives of others has been shown time and again to be critical to ongoing feelings of well-being and happiness. These are the best ways to make a difference to your health and support the global healthcare system wherever you are. 


An apple a day keeps the doctor away