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SLC provides online medical English and healthcare-specific exam preparation resources and training to healthcare educators, employers, and professionals around the world. Our digital content containing over 850+ hours of material supports medical schools, nursing colleges, universities, language schools, healthcare employers and individuals in over 75 countries. Our tuition services prepare Doctors and Nurses for OET Medicine, OET Nursing, and IELTS, and improve the clinical communication skills of thousands of learners.

Supporting universities and colleges worldwide

Medical schools, nursing colleges and English language schools across Asia, Europe and the Gulf use SLC’s online courses to support their learners – undergraduates, post-graduates, practising professionals – to improve their healthcare-specific English language and communication skills.

Learners access materials on an institution-branded learning platform where teachers and administrators can track progress in detail, set assignments and actively engage with their students. Institutions choose materials from over 850 hours of content which can be customised to their specific needs.

Providing essential support to the UK’s National Health Service

As a UK-based company, we are proud to work with NHS employers across the country who recruit internationally-qualified healthcare professionals.

  • Preparing international doctors, nurses, pharmacists, allied health professionals and social workers for OET and IELTS.
  • Providing Living and Working in the UK courses for overseas recruits relocating to the UK.
  • Improving the clinical communication skills of healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, social care workers, and healthcare assistants.
  • Providing language skills support for the Nursing OSCE.

Providing outstanding OET preparation for doctors and nurses

SLC was the first OET-accredited Premium Preparation Provider in Europe in 2017. Since then we have successfully prepared thousands of learners to achieve the scores they need to register and work in the UK, US, Australia, Ireland and Canada among others.

Over 100 hours of expert learning content

Fully up-to-date to meet the latest exam requirements

4 live lessons every week

Works on all devices

1-to-1 coaching available

OET for Doctors

Online 1:1 and subscription courses

OET for Nurses

Online 1:1 and subscription courses

Supporting refugee and migrant healthcare professionals get back into work

There is incredible healthcare talent, experience and skill in the many refugee and migrant communities throughout the UK and elsewhere.

SLC works with organisations such regional Strategic Migration Partnerships in the UK, Talent Beyond Boundaries and RefuAid to support doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, social workers, and allied health professionals in achieving the scores they need in OET and IELTS so they can register to work.


SLC’s online Medical English courses are perfect for international medical professionals who need to improve the English they use in the workplace to ensure safe and effective practice.

The courses enable learners to communicate effectively with patients and colleagues in English, keep up with research, attend conferences, give presentations, publish research, and work in English-speaking environments. Courses can be taken on all devices on a client-branded platform, where performance can be tracked and reported in detail.


Latest News

English for Nurses Foundation

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new specialist English language course for nurses with an elementary or lower-intermediate level of English.

Uzbekistan SLC

I am delighted to share the outcomes of my recent trip to Uzbekistan, representing Specialist Language Courses (SLC). Our primary objective during this visit was to bolster capacity for English language education and Occupational English Test (OET) preparation in Uzbekistan. In turn, this will lead to greater opportunities for the workforce to enter employment in […]

We’re delighted to announce that Mastering Communication in Social Care, SLC’s new course for overseas workers in social care is now accredited by the CPD Standards Office. The course has been inspected and found to meet the quality standards required for an impactful learning experience.

SLC is delighted to not only be one of the co-organisers of the 2024 English for Healthcare conference, but also a gold sponsor. This unique conference brings together the Medical English community from around the world, from lecturers at medical schools to linguistics researchers to materials writers and publishers to OET preparation teachers. This has […]

Our global partners

We work with health boards, hospitals and other healthcare providers to improve the English language and communication skills of their staff. That means working with international patients, engaging with international healthcare conferences, journals and research, working in international teams or taking advantage of international work and study opportunities. Employers select from over 850 hours of focused learning content. Learners study on an institution-branded platform where administrators can track progress and pull detailed reports whenever they want. All materials work seamlessly on all devices, including mobile phones.