Specialist Language Courses

Celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary!

We are very excited for celebrating 10 years of SLC! So much that we decided to give our students some fun along with excelent prizes


Every month until the end of the year, we are going to be having activities and you are welcome to join to win discounts and FREE courses!


Stay tuned to our social media platforms where we will be posting the activities. Each month the activity will be pinned at the top of our Facebook or Twitter pages so be sure to like and follow us!

Interested in being one of our winners? Have a look at our calendar activities:



Table of Contents





Platform: Website

Date: From March 1st until June 30th

If you are a nurse, it’s your lucky month! We celebrate the first month of our anniversary with a NEW Reach OET B Nursing package with a SUPER price. This will give you access to our course for one month and includes:

  • 60 hours of OET Preparation
  • 2 full OET Practice Tests
  • 4 OET Live Lessons a week (Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing focused)
  • More than 40 videos with #OETJo
  • Multi-media Learning
  • CPD Certificate

All of this for £39 only, so get your course now!

Reach OET B Nursing - NEW PLAN - EXPRESS





Platform: Facebook

Date: From April 1st until April 29th

Prize: 1 FREE Reach OET B Nursing Express Package

Feeling lucky? Stay tuned to our Facebook page, we will anounce the game and the instructions to play our prize draw!


3. MAY

Platform: Facebook

Date: From May 4rd until May 31st

Prize: Virginia Allum’s e-book to 3 lucky winners

Are you a Nurse looking for a great book to start studying for  your OET exam? Then May is your lucky month! We will be giving away one of our Head of Medical English teachers, Virginia Allum’s e-book to 3 of you, just check out our facebook page to check the rules.






Platform: Facebook

Date: From June 1st  until June 30th

Prize: Reach OET B Nursing or Medicine basic package for free

Be ready to spin and win! Everyone that participates has the same chance to win! Just make sure to follow the rules and you’re in! The winner will be chosen randomly, so good luck!





Platform: Facebook and Twitter

Date: From July 1st  until July 29th

Prize: 50% discount in any of the Medical English courses.

July will not only have 1 or 2, but 10 winners! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to check out the rules!




Platform: Facebook and Twitter

Date: From August 1st  until August 31st

Prize: Reach OET B Nursing or Medicine basic package for free

Are you ready to put your English knowledge to test? Well… our 10 activities across the month will do exactly that and the ones that get all of them correctly will have the chance to win one of our Reach OET B basic packages for free!




Platform: Facebook and Twitter

Date: From September 1st  until September 30th

Prize: 10 demo courses for free (For Nurses: English for Nurses and Reach OET B Nursing / For Doctors: English for Doctors and Reach OET B Medicine)

Get your creative juices flowing because in September we will ask you to think about the number TEN a lot!



Platform: Facebook 

Date: From October 3rd until October 31st

Prize: 1 Month Free access to the English for Doctors

It’s Doctor’s Month! Practice your ability to click faster! Because in October we will test how quickly you can do this to win.



Platform: Facebook and Twitter

Date: From November 1st until November 30th

Prize: 3 Free Reach OET B basic package courses (ROB Nursing or ROB Medicine)

Gather 2 of your friends and be ready to play. Together you can be our lucky 3 winners!




Platform: Facebook and Twitter

Date: From November 1st until November 30th

Prize: 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50% off in all Medical English courses

Last month, last chance to win great discounts! Each week we’ll announce the discount and the code!