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FREE Webinar on 28th October: An Introduction to Medical Humanities

Are you interested in more than the science of healthcare? Have you thought about how a person’s sex, race or age might affect how they can access the services they need? Are you interested in how art, religion, or class background might connect to both illness and wellness?

If you’re a Medical English teacher who’s wondered how to incorporate other disciplines within your specialist subject, then this free webinar, on Friday 28th October 2022 at 10am UK time, is for you.

Jointly organised by SLC and EALTHY, you’ll hear from Jonathan McFarland, associate professor at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. He is also Senior Lecturer at First Moscow State Medical University. He’ll talk on Medical Humanities, an interdisciplinary subject which brings together philosophy, history, art, the social sciences and more, to improve and understand healthcare.

Professor McFarland has a background in both Humanities and Medical English. He is the president of The Doctor as a Humanist, an international organisation that combines humanism with medicine.

Medical Humanities is a fascinating field of study that sees the patient as more than a problem to be solved. It incorporates the entirety of a human, within a framework of medical care. It asks important questions about who accesses the healthcare they need, and what barriers stand in the way.

It also looks cross-culturally, for example at healing and ethics, suffering and wellness. As an academic topic, it is useful for anyone entering a healthcare-related occupation. However, there are also possibilities within the field of Medical English. As a starting point, to understand the discipline, we highly recommend this webinar.

To register for free, sign up here. It promises to be an interesting talk, and we’d love to know your thoughts. If you attend, add your comments in the box below.