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Migrate: The hiring platform that takes you further

As a post COVID-19 world is now on the horizon, one of the more pleasant parts of the last 18 months has been looking back at how different communities around the world have come together and risen, collectively, to the challenges brought by coronavirus. The role of healthcare workers has never been so important, and neither has the role of technology in not only connecting us at a time when international travel was off the cards but also in enabling healthcare work to continue as efficiently as possible.

It’s in-light of this that we decided to begin an exciting partnership with Migrate – a global hiring platform that is redefining international recruitment by supporting healthcare professionals at every step, as they make the decision to journey to the UK for work. It’s their mission to use technology to improve the overseas recruitment process by breaking down the barriers of international employment, directly connecting great people – such as yourselves – with great opportunities. Migrate offers their members our range of IELTS and OET lessons to ensure you gain the relevant English language qualification needed to be eligible to work in UK healthcare settings.

Migrate app

Migrate is currently in the process of developing their new app, which will include a wider variety of UK healthcare jobs, and access to their thriving online community of likeminded healthcare professionals from all over the world as well as their growing resource centre including CV writing support. Another future function will include the expansion of their clinical education offering, plus much more.

To start your journey with Migrate, you can register with them here. You’ll then be the first to hear when their new app is ready to download and use.

You can also follow MIgrate on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram for news and updates, and contact the team at hello@migratehr.com if you have any questions.