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Should you go for OET remarking? Is it worth it?

OET Exam remark

So you’ve taken the OET – and you haven’t got the results you wanted.

In fact, you thought you did well on the test, and you’re disappointed you received the low marks you did.

Of course you’re frustrated.

Especially if you need to get a B in the OET.

Even more if it means you’ve missed out on the registration criteria for a health board.

You might think: What am I going to do now?

How to apply for OET remarking

Many students who take the OET think that the examiners marked them too low.

Maybe you feel the same way.

You’re allowed to request remarking of your results.

You must apply within 72 hours of getting your results, via the links on the OET website.

But is it worth it? From us at SLC, here is our expert opinion.

Should I request OET remarking?

It usually takes a LONG time to get your OET remarking results back.

Our students often retake the test before the results arrive!

It will cost you US$95 (around £78) for each subtest, if you took the OET on computer.

That’s a lot of money.

As the Reading and Listening subtests are multiple choice, your mark will probably stay the same.

We at SLC haven’t heard of marks being changed after a remark request for reading or listening.

Your results might come back lower than before.

We generally recommend remarks for the Writing subtest only – sometimes Speaking.

If you’re one of our students, we only suggest remarking if we can see you’ve performed well in tuition with us.

Have you narrowly missed out on one paper?

Does this mean you miss the criteria for the health board you’re applying to?

Then it might be worth it.

We at SLC have the expert tutors to guide you towards reaching an OET Grade B in nursing or medicine.

We’ll support you with our knowledge and advice throughout your OET journey.

Including if you should – or shouldn’t – apply for remarking.

Find out more today or contact us now.

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