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OET practice tests… are they enough to pass the OET exam?

OET Practice Test

OK, you’re a healthcare professional who wants to pass the Occupational English Test (OET).

Your English is quite good, so you think that maybe all you need to do is take an OET practice test online.


Well, not always.

When is an OET sample test enough to pass the OET exam?

An OET practice test from us at SLC is great to assess what grade you might get in the actual exam.

But it’s never enough on its own to help you pass the exam.

How do YOU know if you’re ready to take an OET sample test?

Answer these 3 questions to find out.

Question 1: Have you taken a specialist course to pass the OET?

OET is specific to healthcare professions.

If you’ve only studied general English – for example B2 First (formerly Cambridge First Certificate), or even IELTS, that won’t be enough.

That’s because although IELTS is excellent at academic English, for OET you’ll need to know specific medical English terminology.

That’s why a specialist course is necessary before you take any of the sample tests.

Question 2: Has a tutor told you that you’re almost ready to take the OET?

Our tutors recommend taking an online OET practice test if we think you’re almost ready to take the OET.

If your tutor has told you the same thing, a practice test might be all you need, so you can familiarise yourself with the format of the test.

(By the way, our online Reach OET B for Nurses and Doctors courses include two practice tests as standard).

A sample test can also be a good way to discover if you still need a little extra help.

Perhaps you need more support with the Listening or Reading sections, for example.

Question 3: Are you nervous about taking the exam?

It’s very normal to be nervous before you take any exam.

Practising with sample tests will familiarise you with the format of the OET.

That way, when you come to sit the test, you’ll know exactly how it will go.

If you want to take a test to see what grade you’d get without studying, go ahead.

Whatever your result, we at SLC will support you at getting the grade you need.

Ask us a question on the OET and we’ll do our best to answer it.

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