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SLC offers a unique set of IELTS preparation services designed specifically for you!

IELTS Preparation Courses

The IELTS Academic English test is a challenging and important test.

You need a high score to work or study in many countries, organisations and universities. It’s therefore vital to prepare with experts.

SLC has worked with thousands of IELTS candidates helping them achieve the IELTS score required by educational institutions, professional bodies and government border authorities around the world.

SLC offers a comprehensive set of online IELTS preparation services, from self-study to tuition to writing correction. These can be taken independently or combined.

What do you learn on the courses?

SLC’s IELTS preparation courses teach you the language you need to learn and use to perform at a high level in the test. This focuses on a wide range of academically-focused language from different subject areas, from history to psychology to the environment.

You also acquire vital test strategies and techniques. You learn how to read or listen to academic texts, dialogues and lectures. You learn to write reports and essays using the criteria the examiners are looking for. You learn to make spoken presentations and discuss a range of topics such as societal trends or environmental change, again using the criteria the examiners use to mark you.

Take a practice test

If you want to check how close you are to the score you need, then it’s a really good idea to take a practice test. SLC’s practice tests were written by an experienced IELTS test writer. You take them online under timed conditions. The Writing paper is marked by and the Speaking test is taken with trained examiners.

In this way, you get a realistic idea of your scores in the four papers and and you can plan effectively on what you need to do to improve.

Select your IELTS preparation option and make the first steps you need to reaching your IELTS score with SLC.

Work with an expert IELTS teacher

If you take one-to-one private lessons with a teacher, they create a course designed to focus on what you specifically need to study. They will work on your language and exam skills. You will therefore get detailed feedback and expert advice on how to improve your score in each of the four papers, depending on what you need.

Classes take place online on Zoom, and are scheduled around your availability. SLC’s academic department and teachers include ex-examiners, teacher trainers and IELTS materials writers.

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