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Reach OET B Medicine 3rd edition published

We’re delighted to publish the 3rd edition of Reach OET B Medicine with 10 hours of extra content, practice test questions and new teaching platform for educators.


What’s changed?


  • New learning pathways for the four skills, taking students on a clearly defined journey, covering the OET test paper by paper, part by part and question by question.
  • New Writing input and practice, including more case notes, test questions and model answers.
  • New Speaking activities so students can record themselves taking part in Speaking role plays and compare themselves to native speakers.
  • More detail on the Writing and Speaking marking criteria, so students understand better what the OET examiners are looking for.
  • More vocabulary inputs to support the Reading and Listening papers.
  • More video and audio inputs There are now 35 videos and 45 audio tracks integrated into the course.
  • Integrated with new teaching platform so it can be used as a media-rich digital textbook by OET teachers

We’ve taken feedback from hundreds of learners and teachers and incorporated it into the 3rd edition. This is ground-breaking course is uniquely effective, can be used by teachers as a digital coursebook or by students studying alone.


Upgraded teaching platform for teachers

Our new platform enables teachers to prepare students for OET using Reach OET B Medicine.

Teachers can set work and check student answers, just as if they were checking through a course book, so allowing them to mark written work and listen to spoken recordings. Teachers have at-a-glance views of progress, can pull detailed activity reports, and can manage student cohorts by using the online groups function.

What’s more, inbuilt Zoom integration allows teachers to invite individuals and groups to online tutorials from the platform.

The platform is highly intuitive and easy to use.


Student activities

There is a focus on student activity throughout, so learners are constantly engaged. Language and test practice is presented in different ways and practised in a wide variety of tasks, from drag and drop, to record and playback, multiple choice, highlighting, categorising, pronunciation marking, matching, gap-fill, write and compare with model answers,

Practice questions are integrated throughout the course, so students apply their learning to what they are expected to do in the exam.

The new recording activities enable students to practice answering the questions and perform the role plays they will encounter in the Speaking test. They follow prompts, record their responses and then listen to the complete dialogue.

“The course is highly important for effective preparation as it includes not only theoretical but also practical options. With this course it is much easier to understand the structure of the test and improve your language skills, which is important for passing the OET and further exams.” Dr Hanna Romanenko, OET Medicine candidate.

Reach OET B Medicine has been part of many doctors’ success in achieving the test scores they need to work in the UK, Ireland, Australia and elsewhere.

We’re delighted to publish this update and look forward to supporting many more OET students and their teachers now and in the future.

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About Virginia Allum, Reach OET B Medicine writer

Virginia Allum

Virginia is an OET test writer, OET preparation author (Cambridge University Press), and Head of Medical English at SLC. She is an internationally renowned Medical English writer, trainer and conference speaker. Amazingly, she is also a registered healthcare professional who still puts in occasional shifts at her local hospital.