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SLC partner with EALTHY

We’re delighted to be entering a formal partnership with EALTHY, the world’s leading association for teachers of English for Healthcare.


We’ve been big fans of EALTHY ever since attending their English for Healthcare conference in Bern in 2015. EALTHY is the one organisation that brings the fragmented world of Medical English together. Through attending and speaking at their conferences over the years, we’ve met and become friends with teachers, writers, researchers and translators from around the world, from across Europe to Russia, Japan and the US.


Massive growth in the demand for Medical English

Medical English demand

Demand for Medical English has grown significantly over the last few years. This has been driven by, among others, the rapid and ongoing globalisation of healthcare and medical research, the increasing numbers of university courses being taught in English, the widespread adoption of the Occupational English Test (OET) by medical regulators, and the growth of a highly mobile workforce.


An opportunity to grow and support a global Medical English community

Global Medical English

More than ever, Medical English and OET preparation teachers and teaching institutions are looking for high quality materials, a wide range of professional development, and the chance to meet and network with their peers.

In this context, the opportunity to partner with EALTHY presents a great opportunity to bring our different resources together to grow and support a vibrant, engaged, global community of best practice.


So, what will the partnership do?

We’ll be working with founder Catherine Richards and the EALTHY board on several strands to support EALTHY members.

These will include the development of teaching resources and materials, the provision of a range of professional development opportunities, regular articles and blogposts, and more networking and peer support opportunities.

And, importantly, we’ll be supporting the upcoming English for Healthcare Conference, taking place at the University of Belgrade in Serbia in September 2022. The Call for Papers has just been issued, and we’re hugely looking forward to meeting and talking with lots of EALTHY members old and new.


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