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SLC to give EALTHY webinar on OET

We’re delighted to have been invited to give the first of a series of monthly webinars by EALTHY, the world’s leading association for Medical English teachers.

EALTHYSLC Academic Director, Bethan Edwards, will be talking about how to teach OET effectively, an area she is a recognised expert on, having prepared hundreds of students, written OET preparation courses, and trained teachers around the world on how to teach OET.

The number of candidates taking OET has rocketed since it was recognised by the NMC in 2017 and the GMC in 2018. OET is now recognised by healthcare regulators and universities around the world, including in the US, Canada, Australia and Ireland – see https://www.occupationalenglishtest.org/test-information/who-recognises-oet/ for a full list.

While OET is designed for healthcare professionals and covers a wide range of general healthcare and profession-specific language, achieving the high scores set by regulators is not easy. Many candidates fail to get what they need. While this may partly be an issue of not having sufficient language skills, often it’s an issue of not knowing how to address the tasks set in the four papers effectively.

In this webinar, Bethan will focus on practical ways of preparing students to succeed in the Speaking and Writing papers. Input will draw on the strategies and classroom activities Bethan and her teachers have developed over the last five years they have been working on OET courses.

SLC is the UK’s leading provider of OET preparation services and the first education organisation in Europe to be accredited by OET as a Premium Preparation Provider. We work extensively with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), including NHS England, Health Education England and 75% of London hospitals. We have also written online OET preparation courses and practice materials used by healthcare professionals, educators and employers around the world.

The webinar takes place on March 25th at 10.00 London time (GMT) / 11.00 CET.

Tips for Teaching OET