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Alzheimer’s Disease (Not inevitable) – 30 Minute Worksheet


This B2-C1 reading, listening, vocabulary and pronunciation worksheet practises related to the Alzheimer’s Disease (Not inevitable). 

Level: B2 C1
Sector: medicine, nursing, other
Medical Area: symptoms, diseases and conditions, other
Skill focus: reading, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation

Part 1: Vocabulary
Complete the definitions using terms in the vocabulary list.
to distil
to raise awareness of something
sleep enhancement
to spot something

  1. ____________: expression that describes a person or object by referring to something that has similar characteristics
  2. ____________: creation of moving images by filming an object and moving it slightly frame by frame
  3. ____________: acronym for computer-generated imagery (pictures or characters which are created using a computer rather than drawing them by hand
  4. ____________: improvement in the quality of rest a person experiences
  5. _____________: belief that people cannot change the way events will happen and that events cannot be avoided

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