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Flyer Mastering Communication in Social Care

Mastering Communication in Social Care

This short CPD-accredited course is for overseas carers working in residential care homes, nursing homes, supported living and domiciliary care. It provides them with the English language skills that will enable them to communicate confidently and effectively at work.

It covers a wider range of common scenarios, from introductions to talking about food and drink, toileting, mobility, pain, pressure area care, falls and mental health.

The course is online and optimised for mobile devices. It is media-rich with video, audio, voice-recording and interactive tasks throughout.

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Mastering Communication in Social Care Flyer

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We work with universities, nursing colleges, schools and international healthcare companies around the world who use our courses to support nurses and nursing students.

Mastering Communication in Social Care Course for my university or college

Do you teach English to nursing students but have trouble finding good materials to use in your courses? We are here for you. Learning content is comprehensive and up-to-date. The teaching platform enables you to see exactly what your students have done, set assignments and leave feedback. Courses can be tailored to your specific needs by mapping the online English courses to your curriculum.

Mastering Communication in Social Care course for my staff

SLC’s online courses are perfect for international healthcare professionals who need to improve the English they use in the workplace to ensure safe and effective practice. The courses are accessible, intuitive to use and optimised for all devices. The learning platform enables you to see exactly what your learners have done. Courses are accredited and certificated by the CPD Standards Office in the UK.

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