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Syllabus: English for Nursing

English for Nursing

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This online English for Nurses course enables nursing students to learn the English they need to complete their studies and use English in the workplace.

English for Nurses covers the language used in a wide range of nursing scenarios, from introductions to discussing pain, pressure area care, breathing difficulties, infection control, to managing IV therapy, falls and injuries, to administering medications, post-operative and end-of-life care.

It includes extensive work on medical terminology, patient and staff interactions, hospital language and much more. Students work on every aspect of medical language, including pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and functional skills.
The course can be used both in the classroom and as complementary study. Teachers and institutions receive detailed course notes with answers, lesson suggestions and audio and video transcripts. The content is regularly reviewed so it remains relevant and up to date.

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English for Nurses syllabus

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