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Syllabus: Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology

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This online Medical Terminology course introduces hundreds of medical terms covering body parts, symptoms, conditions, treatments and procedures. It also shows how medical terms are formed and pronounced, and how they translate into everyday English.

Medical terminology is essential to understanding healthcare. Using an agreed set of medical terms allows healthcare students to use language that will be understood by healthcare teachers and professionals wherever it is said or written.

The course analyses the roots of medical terms – very often derived from old English, Latin or Greek – and the prefixes and suffixes which combine with the roots to give specific meanings, so enabling students to understand new terms when they see them for the first time.

The course covers terms for every part of the body, from the parietal bone to the sacrum to the hallux.

This course provides strong support to courses given by medical English teachers which focus more on learning and practising subject-specific language and patient interactions.

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Medical Terminology Syllabus

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