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Syllabus: Essential Grammar for Healthcare

Essential Grammar for Healthcare

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In Essential Grammar for Healthcare, students learn how to use verb forms to describe the present, past and future. They also learn how to ask for advice, make requests, given instructions and make suggestions.

Course features

On this course, students learn:

  • How to form and use verbs to describe the present, past and future
  • How to make conditional sentences
  • How to ask a wide range of questions
  • How to form and use the passive
  • How to use articles, determiners and quantifiers
  • How to use a range of adverbs and adjectives
  • How to give advice and make suggestions, requests and offers
  • How to describe ability, possibility, obligation and necessity
  • How to use a wide range of prepositions

Who is this course for?

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Healthcare students
  • OET candidates
  • English for Medical Purposes teachers
  • Anyone with an interest in grammar and how it is used in healthcare-focused English

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English Grammar for HC Syllabys

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