Specialist Language Courses

Latest online Medical English, OET & IELTS Prep Materials

Online materials and courses have become mainstream. Learning content is increasingly online and on-demand. More and more teachers work remotely and asynchronously.

Over the last 18 months, we’ve worked hard to improve the range and depth of online Medical English, OET and IELTS Preparation content available for educators, students, and healthcare professionals to use.

We’ve also worked to ensure that teachers have the tools to easily monitor student work and seamlessly communicate with their classes throughout any course.


What’s available?

Educators and students can now access hundreds of hours of dynamic, multi-media, engaging content.

How can they be used?

Online courses have the flexibility to be used in different ways.

  • Digital coursebooks: like using a printed coursebook in lessons, but interactive with inbuilt video, audio, downloads, voice recording, and lots of different activity types.
  • Blended learning: students work on content in their own time, ready to activate, practice and analyse it in lessons.
  • Complementary study: additional practice for students to support and strengthen classroom learning.
  • Self-study: students learn in their own time, key content is regularly recycled and reviewed and there are ongoing progress quizzes to check understanding.

How do teachers monitor student work?

The inbuilt teaching platform allows teachers to see ‘at-a-glance’ progress scores as well as see individual student pages so they can check and mark them. Teachers can message students, send and receive assignments, and invite them to video tutorials.

The platform is intuitive and easy to use. Initial and ongoing support is provided.


Can courses be customised?

Yes. As content is digital, it can be rearranged, edited, combined, and even added to. This allows institutions to have courses which meet the specific needs of their students.


Can courses be branded?

Yes. Every institution using the courses with their students gets their own version of the course platform with their logo, colours, welcome text and social media links. This means their students and teachers are all in the same place and will not mix with anyone else.


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Is SLC accredited? Are the courses accredited?

Yes. SLC is an NOCN Group accredited international training centre and an accredited OET Premium Preparation Provider, the first institution to receive this in Europe.

All SLC courses have been inspected, accredited and certificated by NOCN group and/or the CPD Standards Office in the UK. They have also been approved by EALTHY, the European Association for Language Teachers for Healthcare.


Do you give discounts to educational institutions?

Yes. We provide significant discounts. Just get in touch to find out more.


Do you want to see the materials and teaching platform?

We offer free review access to as many courses you want. We provide personal tours of the teaching platform so you can see how it works and go through any questions you have.