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OET Reading tips – Improve your performance and PASS the test

Doctor Reading in Hospital

How are your reading skills?

Do you want to get better so you can pass the OET Reading sub-test?

We at SLC have a step-by-step guide to improving your abilities, and reaching a grade B in OET Reading.

Free OET reading practice materials

To pass the OET Reading exam, you don’t need OET-specific reading material.

Instead, you should read widely.

Practise your English-language reading skills and expand your English-language healthcare knowledge.

To practise skimming and scanning (for Part A of the test), the BBC Skillswise website has some free factsheets and worksheets to help you.

Meanwhile, Leeds University has a page on how to interpret the author’s attitude.

University of Leeds

Tips to improve your score

Read a lot of different materials – there will probably be a chart in the test for you to interpret.

There are plenty of free English-language sites on the topic of healthcare.

The Conversation’s health section is a great resource.

Read an article, pick out 10 new terms, and look them up.

Ask yourself what the article is about, and what sort of language is in it.

Is OET Reading hard?

Many people think that OET Reading is the most difficult part of the test.

OET Reading poll

But remember that you won’t be reading anything too technical.

The text might be connected to any of the 12 different healthcare professions – but it will be at entry level.

So you don’t need to be an expert in physiotherapy, for example, to pass the Reading test. (Not even if you’re a physiotherapist!)

However, you need to practise your skills if you want to improve.

How do you get B in OET Reading?

If you want to get over the line, invest in our specialist Reach Grade B OET Reading Course.

You get 15 hours of interactive tasks and activities, two practice tests, plus lots more.

Or if you need some extra help, invest in the course plus five hours of one-to-one coaching.

This is for you if you want to learn from one of SLC’s OET experts.

You’ll have a private tutor to help you achieve that Grade B in Reading.

And if you are struggling with any other parts of the test, we have the perfect OET Preparation Courses for you.

Just click your preferred course, add to the basket and start preparing for success.

Not sure what’s best for you?

Don’t worry, we are here to help. 

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