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About OET


The OET is a healthcare English test recognised by government healthcare bodies around the world to assess the medical English skills of international professionals, including doctors, nurses, dentists and allied health professionals.

In the UK, both the GMC and NMC recognise OET and require overseas doctors and nurses to score a Grade B in each of the four papers – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking – to register with them to practice.

OET tests a wide range of healthcare English, including the ability to communicate effectively in medical scenarios, write a referral letter, understand a patient consultation, or follow a text taken from a medical journal.


Preparing for OET


SLC offers a wide range of options for healthcare professionals and their employers. These include online group classes, one-to-one coaching for Doctors and Nurses and self-study for Doctors and for Nurses.

Preparing for an important test like OET is very important, so you understand the language, techniques and strategies to succeed.


Booking an OET test


OET is available at more than 120 locations in 40 countries, with 14 test dates per year.

Be careful though – although there are test dates every month, registration is only open for the next three test dates at a time, so make sure you select the correct date when you apply. Also, applications close three weeks before the test date, so apply as early as possible as spaces may be limited at some venues.



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