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Reach IELTS updated to include 2 complete, timed tests

We’re delighted to announce that our flagship online Reach IELTS course has been updated to include 2 full IELTS Academic tests.

Written by expert trainer, ex-examiner and writer, Annelie Phillips, Reach IELTS includes 50 hours of highly targeted content. Each paper is covered in detail, with focuses on the different question types, the language needed to achieve a high score, and the techniques and strategies required when sitting the test.

The content includes video tutorials, practice test questions, model answers, details on what the examiners are looking for and downloadable PDFs.

We have now added 2 full practice tests to the course. The tests were written by Anthony Cosgrove, a highly experienced IELTS item writer, who also writes IELTS material for Cambridge University Press and the British Council.

The tests are timed, so students get an accurate picture of how they will perform in the actual test. In the speaking test, students record their answers for playback. The writing and speaking tasks are downloadable, so they can be shared with teachers for marking.

Reach IELTS has been taken by hundreds of students around the world looking to achieve 6.0 or more in the test. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with a 100% recommendation score to date.

Reach IELTS for schools – blended learning options

School and universities also use Reach IELTS to support their students preparing for IELTS. Using SLC’s sophisticated Learning Management System, teachers can see what students have done and how well they scored.

Teachers can mark the written and spoken submissions from the test and they can go into each course and see for themselves how their students have performed. This makes the course a powerful complement to classroom tuition.

We’re looking forward to working with IELTS test takers and test preparation providers to support them in achieving the scores they need in this high-stakes test.

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