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Syllabus: Advanced Grammar for Healthcare

Advanced Grammar for Healthcare Course

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This Online Advanced Grammar for Healthcare course covers a wide range of grammar at advanced level. Your students learn how it is applied to the language of healthcare, so they can express complex ideas accurately and effectively.

Units include how to use the perfect simple and perfect continuous in the past, present and future; construct a wide range of complex conditionals; use modal verbs to express ideas such as uncertainty, probability, obligation as well as give advice, make suggestions and offers; use articles and conjunctions correctly; and use adjectives in a range of different constructions.

This course enables the students to understand and use grammar at a high level – when writing texts or communicating with patients and colleagues, when reading research or listening to lectures and presentations.

Advanced Grammar for Healthcare was written by internationally renowned English for Healthcare expert and author Ros Wright. It is ideal for students and professionals who study and work in English at a high level.

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Advanced Grammar for Healthcare

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