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Online classes vs traditional classes: what sort of learner are you?

Online vs Traditional learning
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What sort of language learner are you? Do you prefer sitting in an actual classroom, chatting to people in a spontaneous way? Or do you prefer an online-led class, on Zoom or another platform?

If you’re studying Medical English, or if you need to pass the OET, you may be able to choose how you study. Over the next four weeks, we’ll be looking at both online learning and in-person classes.  If you’re a student, you’ll discover some tips for studying remotely. And we’ll also look at why blended learning might be right for you. That’s where you learn both on the internet, and in-person.

At SLC, we’re very experienced at delivering online classes. If you’re a Medical English teacher, you’ll get some tips for better teaching that way.

Maybe you’re not sure which type of learning is best for you. Traditional or new? Real-life or remote? To find out, try this fun quiz to discover what sort of language learner you are.

1. What’s your ideal evening off?

   a) Going out to meet friends

   b) Watching my favourite TV show

2. How much spare time do you have?

   a) Some

   b) None

3. How do you learn best?

   a) Practising in a real-life setting

   b) Making notes and revising them

4. Are you an active person?

   a) Yes, I love getting out and about

   b) Not really, I’m happy staying at home

5. What type of class do you prefer?

   a) A free-flowing, spontaneous class

   b) One that’s highly structured


Mostly As: You prefer in-person classes. Next week, discover how to get the best out of any online study you have to do.

Mostly Bs: You probably prefer a Zoom session to in-person learning. However, getting into an actual class might be just the thing you need. Keep reading our blog posts to find out more.

For all your online Medical English needs, SLC has you covered.

Stephanie Lam
About the author

Stephanie Lam is a writer, journalist, and English teacher. She specialises in writing fabulous words for the wellbeing and health industries.

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