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3 reasons why a real-life class might be for you

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You’ve done the quiz to discover what sort of learner you are. You understand how to study online without getting distracted. Maybe you’re sure that remote learning is the future. That you don’t need to go back to college again.

But there are advantages to blended learning. Blended learning means that some classes take place online, and others are in-person. With this type of study, you don’t have to live in the same city as your institution. Imagine you only take one in-person class per month. A traditional class could mean a twice-weekly trip – that’s a lot of time and money.

Or you might study online with one institution, like SLC. You can also attend classes at your college. That way, you get the best of both worlds.

So why should you take some of your classes the traditional way? Here are three reasons why this might be exactly what you need.

If you’re an introvert:

Are you shy? Maybe you feel worried if you’re in a room with other people. But your mental health will suffer if you hide from the world. It’s important to mix with people. At college, unlike in a social situation, you don’t have to make friends. You have a topic to discuss, and you can come in just for the class, if you want. If you’re not sure, try a term (or semester) to see how it goes.

If you’re easily distracted:

As we saw two weeks ago, learning online isn’t always good. It means that checking emails or social media can distract you. Even your list of household chores is a distraction! Going to a specific space to study means you can’t do the washing up at breaktime (thank goodness).

If you prefer to stay in your comfortable home:

We all understand that. But try something new and slightly uncomfortable for a change… and see what happens.

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Stephanie Lam
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Stephanie Lam is a writer, journalist, and English teacher. She specialises in writing fabulous words for the wellbeing and health industries.

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