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Free Medical English Lesson Plan

We are expanding the resource section in our Knowledge Bank for Medical English and OET Preparation teachers. Over the next few weeks and months, you will see lesson plans, reading materials, grammar and vocabulary sheets, and much much more.


Medical English Glossaries

The following example glossaries come from SLC’s online courses.

Each course contains a number of glossaries which give detailed lists of all the important vocabulary from each unit of the Medical English Courses. Every term in every list comes with a definition and word stress indicator. Download the following glossaries for free:


What is Medical English?

Today’s global healthcare workforce is multi-national and multi-lingual. English is the lingua franca, and non-English speaking healthcare professionals, from consultants to carers, need to get their Medical English up to speed in order to deliver the safe and effective care demanded of them.


How do Nurses use English?

My latest reading is a chapter in ‘The Handbook of English for Specific Purposes’, titled ‘English for Nursing’ and written by Susan Bosher. The Handbook is a great resource for all things ESP. In the article, Bosher cites three studies, one Canadian (Epp and Lewis 2008), one American (Cameron 1998), and one Australian (Hussin 2002). Each of them looks at nurses’ English language needs, and describes in some detail what areas of language use are most common. This in turn helps inform us what language tasks and skills should be integrated into the online English for Nursing courses we design.


Medical English Tips: Giving Advice Sensitively

Welcome to the first in a series of occasional posts giving essential Medical English tips. This one focuses on a critical area of practice: giving advice sensitively. Get this right, and your rapport with your patient will be a powerful factor in building a successful therapeutic partnership. Get this wrong, and your relationship may never recover. Read on.